Should it only be used as storage space and work surface

Should it only be used as storage space and work surface

The trend — away from the white tablecloths — continues

According to Flinkenflügel, the trends of recent years are continuing. In Berlin, for example, there is a new one-star «CODA Dessert Dining», which has a kitchen based on patisserie. There you sit at the counter or at wooden tables. «It’s completely relaxed.» In «Ernst» — also newly awarded a star in Berlin — the counter frames the cooking area of ​​the small restaurant. «The restaurateurs have recognized what the guests want, they want to eat well in a relaxed atmosphere,» said Flinkenflügel. «This elitist was yesterday.»

Three of the five new two-star restaurants are in Bavaria, «Sosein» in Heroldsberg in Middle Franconia, Luce d’Oro «in Krün in Upper Bavaria and» Alexander Herrmann by Tobias Bätz «in Wirsberg in Upper Franconia. Two stars now adorn the» Ox Klee «in Cologne. The» Purs «in Andernach with chef Christian Eckhardt has risen from zero to two stars, which is unusual according to Flinkenflügel. The Freiburg native had previously cooked two stars in the» Villa Rothschild «restaurant in Königstein (Hesse) .

Baden-Wuerttemberg creams off the stars

By far the most star-rated restaurants are in Baden-Württemberg (77), followed by Bavaria (52), North Rhine-Westphalia (47) and Rhineland-Palatinate (27). In the three-star hotels, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Saarland are ahead with two each. Gourmets in Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt have no choice, there is a single restaurant with one star. The smallest federal state of Bremen is left with nothing.

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If you are looking for a particularly good price-performance ratio, you will find it in the new restaurant guide «Bib Gourmand Germany». There are 424 houses listed, 36 fewer than in 2018.

The Michelin Guide goes on sale on March 4th. The first Michelin stars in Germany were awarded in 1966.

Having your own kitchen island is not just the dream of many amateur cooks. It creates additional work space and becomes the sociable focal point of the kitchen. But before the project can become a reality, there are a few things to consider.

Kitchen island: a question of space

When planning a kitchen island at the latest, the question arises: Is there enough space in my kitchen? A kitchen island takes up a lot of space. The more space there is, the freer you are in planning. However, fifteen square meters can be enough for a kitchen island. Make sure that there is still enough space between the kitchen unit and the cooking island. You should still be able to walk through comfortably and ideally be able to open two drawers that are opposite each other. This requires a distance of at least 120 centimeters.

Kitchen island: the right furniture for the purpose

Above all, the use of the additional space has an influence on the size and nature of the kitchen island. Should it only be used as storage space and work surface? In some cases, an integrated dining bar with chairs makes sense, but additional space is required. For passionate cooks, it is advisable to integrate a sink or stove into the kitchen furniture. The stove pulls an extractor fan. If these wishes are to be fulfilled, connections, drains and pipes must be available. It becomes clear that it is best to plan the kitchen island together with an expert.

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Choose the right material

Finally, the question of the right material also arises. It should of course go with any existing furniture and thus create a harmonious look. The same applies to the worktop, which can be made of natural wood or sturdy natural stone, among other things. With this you give the kitchen your stamp. All the planning will ultimately be rewarded with fun cooking evenings with friends or family.

If you like and often drink tea, it is worth buying a special tea kettle. Similar to the coffee machine, it prepares your favorite hot drink fully automatically and, depending on the model, even keeps it warm. Read more here!

Tea maker: This is what the small kitchen appliance does

Tea kettles are usually a bit smaller than normal kettles and work similarly to coffee machines: They brew the water and let it flow through a filter that contains the loose tea. With some models, the filter has to be removed yourself after the specified brewing time. Tea makers are more convenient because their filters close automatically after the brewing time so that the tea does not become too strong or even inedible.

No more kettle and tea bags

Numerous different models of tea kettles are now available to buy. Those who are tired of preparing each cup of tea individually with the kettle have the choice. If you like to try different types of tea, a model with precisely adjustable temperature and boiling time is recommended. A removable tea filter is useful because it is easier to clean. If you prepare a large amount of tea in the morning or in the afternoon, a keep warm function is essential. Practical things also need to be considered: For example, a stainless steel tea maker insulates particularly well and is less hot from the outside than a glass cooker, which is easier for children to get burned on.

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Buying a tea maker: You should pay attention to this

So that you can enjoy your tea maker for a long time, you should definitely pay attention to the following tips when buying: Plastic stoves are usually cheap, but rather short-lived. In addition, regular contact with hot water can detach plastic particles, which not only affects the taste but is also unhealthy. So it is better to invest in a glass or stainless steel tea maker. Your tea maker should also have overheating protection and the handle should be insulated against heat.

The kitchen: the center of family life, space for conversation and delicious meals. When it comes to kitchen trends in 2015, modern country kitchens and high-tech cooking oases await you. You can read more about the kitchen trends in 2015 here.

The kitchen is and remains the heart of the home

The biggest of all kitchen trends in 2015 is probably that individuality plays a key role in furnishing. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home in most families, not only because fresh dishes are prepared here, but also because it can be a meeting point for conversations. In the design of the family center, everything from modern to nostalgic is allowed: while one big trend works according to the motto «cook like grandma», the second relies on space-saving high-tech devices. 

Modern country style determines kitchen trends in 2015

Among the fitted kitchens, the country house kitchen will continue to be popular in 2015. White is still the first choice for kitchen furniture, but it can be combined with color accents in blue, green, gray or orange. In the modern country kitchen, rural, natural materials meet shiny fronts. The main feature of this kitchen trend 2015 is the kitchen or cooking island in the middle of the kitchen. Even earlier, in the days of our grandmothers, such tables were used in the center of the kitchen to freshly prepare food. In order to implement this trend in your own four walls, it is important to pay attention to clear lines and no frills when choosing kitchen furniture. 

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Light colors, transparency and glossy fronts

The modern fitted kitchen impresses with its smooth surfaces and light colors. White in particular dominates the kitchen furniture and is often combined with colored shelf inserts. The fronts of the built-in cupboards are made of acrylic or glass and have no handles. The reflective surfaces create exciting light reflections in the kitchen. Venetian blind cabinets are also an issue in the coming year. The kitchen furniture should always have clear lines — it looks timeless and elegant. In addition, high-tech kitchen appliances made of stainless steel add visual accents.

Antique, cozy, with the charm of the imperfect: Shabby chic has been a popular furnishing style for years. The style can be implemented with a few tricks not only in the living rooms, but also in the kitchen.

Shabby Chic: This is what defines the cozy furnishing style

Shabby chic means: old furniture with a history — and also with slight traces of use — mixes with modern furnishings. The furnishing style is stylishly combined with wallpapers, wall colors and accessories in beige, white and light pastel tones. Shabby Chic is a furnishing style with an individual note and not really for perfectionists who like to furnish themselves tone on tone. On the contrary: Grandma’s old serving trolleys or one or the other flea market bargain can find their place in the midst of many individual items.

This is how your kitchen gets an antique look

Old and new can also mix in the kitchen to create an individual shabby chic look. Of course, it doesn’t have to be the old coal stove — you should use modern and, above all, safe devices for the stove, oven and coffee maker. The fronts of the kitchen cabinets can be made of natural wood and painted in pastel tones. A ceramic sink looks much more charming than a stainless steel sink. Copper pots also add a cozy, old-fashioned touch. A buffet cupboard instead of a tailor-made kitchenette gives the kitchen a special, unique character. If you now place a few accessories here and there as eye-catchers, the shabby chic is almost perfect.

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Table and chairs: completely individual

If your kitchen is so large that there is also space for a dining table, there are even more design options for shabby chic. After all, the table and chairs do not all have to come «off the shelf» from the nearest furniture store — with a bit of luck, older furniture can be found at flea markets or classifieds that only need to be polished up and repainted. This is how you design your very own sitting area that no one else has for sure. Tip: Different chair models around a rustic wooden table are particularly charming.

Cologne (dpa / tmn) — Parasols should have a high sun protection factor. The Tüv Rheinland recommends values ​​of 60 to 80. The fabric should also be protected from fading from the sun and rain; a protective cover is suitable for the latter during storage.

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A suitable stand is not always included with a mid-height model. When buying a new one, you should pay attention to the recommended stand weight for the umbrella in the instructions for use. Alternatively: an umbrella stand secured with several pavement slabs is generally more stable than a small stand filled with water or sand, explains Tüv spokesman Ralf Diekmann. Traffic light umbrellas, on the other hand, are often sold together with a suitable stand.

When buying, Diekmann recommends setting up the umbrella, opening it up several times and anchoring it in the stand. It is important that it can be fixed firmly and that the structure makes a stable overall impression. You shouldn’t buy models with sharp corners and edges or squashed areas. The umbrella should also be easy to open.

Darmstadt (dpa / tmn) — The lighting for the terrace, balcony and garden is best made up of several types of light. The basic lighting ensures a certain level of brightness in the evening and at night and thus a pleasant atmosphere.

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The lights provided for this should not dazzle, explains the industry portal You can do this by pointing the lamp at a wall, for example. On large terraces, this is also ensured by low bollard lights with a low light intensity that are directed downwards or shine diffusely into the surroundings.

The second component is mobile lights and spotlights that set accents. You can also use it to illuminate the walls. The experts also advise accenting plants in this way.

Lights with a wide beam angle are suitable for sweeping grasses or bushes in the tub. Slender plants in the pot should also have a narrow light outlet. These lights, too, should always be installed in such a way that they follow the usual direction of view of the residents of the garden, terrace and balcony and do not dazzle them.

Cologne (dpa / tmn) — As beautiful as the summer sun is, it is also aggressive. The UV radiation gradually breaks down the lignin contained in the wood of garden furniture, explains the DIY Academy in Cologne. This makes the surface of the garden furniture rougher and the furniture slowly turns gray or fades.

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If there are still edges that are reminiscent of residues of dried water, you should re-oil your wooden furniture at the latest.

Wood oil is best applied thinly and evenly with a flat or surface brush or a lint-free cloth. Then you should remove excess oil from the surface with a cloth, otherwise it will stick later.